What is compulsive exercise?

Compulsive Exercise happens when a person is driven to exercise too much. Compulsive Exercise does not have to signify an eating disorder but the two often accompany each other. It tends to appear within eating disorders because it can be another way to purge. It can take place among both anorexics and bulimics who use a variety of coping methods.

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Common Characteristics

  • Continuing to exercise even though sick or injured
  • Skipping obligations like work or school in order to exercise
  • Maintaining a rigid workout schedule
  • Putting exercise before everything else, including health and safety, and social life
  • Planning life around exercise
  • Maintains excessive, rigid exercise regimen – despite weather, fatigue, illness, or injury
  • Discomfort with rest or inactivity
  • Exercise used to manage emotions
  • Exercise as a means of purging (needing to “get rid of” or “burn off” calories)

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