Hello! I serve as a Clinical Program Therapist at Selah House Outpatient Cincinnati, where we provide specialized care to individuals who suffer from eating disorders and co-occurring disorders in our adult and adolescent outpatient programs. As a Program Therapist, I provide individual, group and family therapy to our clients and their loved ones. I am passionate about calling out diet culture, seeing the joy in living and food, providing psychoeducation on eating disorders, meeting individuals where they’re at, and embarking on the journey of recovery with clients and their families.

Providing eating disorder treatment and helping individuals see a possibility of a life free from those chains is something that I feel so honored to do. I felt called to be an eating disorder therapist after seeing first-hand how detrimental an eating disorder can be and the wreckage that it leaves behind. I believe that vulnerability is the key to connection, that owning our struggle and doing the next hard thing is so brave, that low motivation is likely fear in disguise, and that authenticity is way cooler than perfectionism. I believe in recovery and the amazingly messy things that come with it.

I attended the University of Cincinnati, where I completed my Bachelor of Social Work in 2019 and Master of Clinical Social Work in 2020. I have experience in a variety of treatment settings including inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, and residential care. Prior to joining Selah House’s team, I primarily worked with teenagers in a psychiatric hospital setting treating substance use, eating disorders and other mental health disorders. My clinical interests include client centered care, creative therapies, faith connections, eating disorders, body image, family and relationship conflict, and mood and anxiety disorders.

In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my husband and pup. Family is something I value, and I am lucky to live so close to my parents and sisters. Finding a new coffee shop or local vendor to try with a friend brings me joy. I love to explore creative outlets like pottery, cooking or painting and a good bargain hunt at TJ Maxx is my jam. I hope to meet you soon!