Hello! I serve as the Clinical Dietitian at Selah House Cincinnati Outpatient Treatment Center for Eating Disorders. This center provides professional eating disorder treatment and care to clients at the Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient levels of care. In this role, I am responsible for the day-to-day nutritional management and meal planning for our clients. As the Clinician Dietitian, I educate and counsel clients to increase awareness of the importance of nutritionally balanced diets in achieving good health and recovery.

Working with the eating disorder population has been a dream of mine. Throughout middle school, high school, and college I witnessed women close to me struggle with body image distress as they tried to meet an unachievable standard that society has set. I am passionate about the importance of food for fuel and enjoyment, and helping others rediscover that.

I attended The Ohio State University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition in 2017. I have three years of experience as a Clinical Dietitian. After living in the DC area the past two years, I returned to Ohio to be closer to my family. Outside of work, I love exploring the city and trying new coffee shops and restaurants!