About Selah House

The experienced professionals at our Pasadena Villa Outpatient Centers provide engaging, easily accessible behavioral health care when support is needed the most. Our clinical team hold expertise in a wide variety of modalities and treatment approaches to foster recovery allowing our clients to return to a higher quality of life. We value diversity and honor the unique contributions group members bring to the process.

, About Us
, About Us

Our Values

First and foremost, we believe every person can live a happy, productive and healthy life. We believe that every resident can learn, grow and recover. We also believe that every family who entrusts us with their loved one can once again come together and enjoy life’s journey together.

Second, we rigorously follow our Social Integration Model because we believe it is incumbent upon us to prepare our residents for life outside of any treatment program. To us, it is less important how our residents function within the comfort of our facilities, and more important how they function out in the real world. Our Social Integration Model is Real Life, Real Time and Relevant.

Third, we believe in treating all residents with compassion, and our programs are designed in ways that preserve and protect their dignity. We use every opportunity to increase the self-confidence of our residents as they learn new and different ways to cope with the real world.

Lastly, we believe in creating an environment, in all our continuum offerings, that is safe, comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly, highly professional. We strive to create an environment where our employees love to work, and where residents and families are open to learning new ways of living and coping.

Never compromise the integrity and reputation of our company.

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